Content Marketing: Are You Ready to Go Mobile?

These days content marketing is impossible to avoid, especially with the soaring prices of Google AdWords. In order to stretch their marketing budgets as much as possible, small companies across America are writing blogs, sending newsletters and creating infographics, and they are actually helping them reach their users.

The users, for their part, are sharing, liking, retweeting, and absorbing that content, which makes them feel that they have received something extra from the company. In fact, it might be the reason why they’re choosing that exact company. Instead of paying Google to promote their businesses, small companies are creating content which their most loyal fans then use to promote them. And who better to endorse you than an actual person, made of flesh and blood, whose recommendation will narrowly target a trusted circle of friends and family.

Mobile content will dominate

You most likely already have a content marketing strategy or are intending to launch one this year. If so, then you must surely also be aware of the principal advice the experts are giving for 2014: mobile will dominate. According to the results of a recent research, 56% of Americans have smartphones, and the number is naturally only going to grow – especially in the 45 to 55 segment of society. If we add to this the fact that 61% of users have a better attitude towards a brand if they have had a good mobile experience, and that 77% of Internet searches are done on mobile phones, it becomes clear that mobile is the key word for content marketing strategies.

It is important to understand how your users use mobile devices

The crucial point, one that Entrepreneur has also written about, and one we can’t help agreeing with, is that before planning your mobile content marketing strategy, you must understand how your users use their mobiles. Because a mobile is no longer just “strolling downtown and surfing on my smartphone”, it is the first screen we see when we wake up and last one we see before we go to bed. We use it around the house, on our way to work and in pretty much every other imaginable situation.

Mobile app is the strongest mode of engagement

Mobile apps can be ideal for content marketing, judging by Brightcove, users spend more time on their apps (94 minutes a day) than they do on desktop and mobile web (87 minutes a day). In addition, 30% of marketing managers consider a branded mobile app the most important channel of engaging users.

Experts stress the skillfully built brand loyalty as their key advantage of apps, which makes the users go back to an app time and again. What seems more important to us is that with a mobile app you are already – in terms of content marketing – mobile ready. The content is adapted to mobile devices; you can send push notifications about newly published content to your users, have a whole community on the palm of your hand – just as you do social share options; and somewhere in there is also the loyalty program.

‘Unique, branded app is a pillar of mobile marketing’ – by Forbes

Forbes has also come to the conclusion that in this era of content marketing, the mobile app is a must for 2014: “The promise and the very nature of “mobile” is the ability to be proactive, vibrant, and personal—characteristics you can only achieve through a true mobile app. In addition, a good marketing app is working to build a personal relationship with the customer at all times”.