Spotlight: The GourmetKickz App

Our newest Hall of Fame features The GourmetKickz App. GourmetKickz “Food for the Sole” specializes in custom Nike sneakers, and The GourmetKickz App allows you to connect with the Brand on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, share images from galleries, receive notifications about limited custom sneaker releases and newly published time sensitive coupon codes – in short, this app keeps you directly connected to everything related to GourmetKickz and the artist behind the brand “Chef”!

What is The GourmetKickz App?

The GourmetKickz App, nicknamed “GourmetKix” is an overview of all my sites and social media outlets compressed into a palm sized meal, it is the “snack-sized” edition of the GourmetKickz brand if you will. If you want to shop, you can access the hottest and newest GourmetKickz offerings as well as app-exclusives directly from the application; from size selection to payment, the app handles it all. If you want to view my entire catalog of offerings, you can do so via an RSS feed in the app. In fact, it has everything from hi-resolution image galleries that let you share or save your favorite GourmetKickz works of art to social media feeds that let you follow or interact with my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages. Critical information about my business, like location and contact are also available at a click in the app. Important launch and promo information is also routinely sent to users via push notifications.

Who is the Artist Chef?

I am sneaker-head turned artist whose canvas of choice happens to be, you guessed it, sneakers! I love graphic design so I also design apparel which has extended my brand beyond just custom kicks. I love art and most especially the Art of Presentation, so in being the “Chef” of GourmetKickz it is important for me to present my art in a manner that does my brand justice.

When did you realize that you need a mobile application for your business?

I knew early on that I needed to find a way to deliver to fans and clients on the go a way to access my offerings. I looked at my analytics reports from last year and saw a trend of increasing mobile users accessing my site. Being that most HTML sites do not display great on phones, I knew it was time to launch something awesome.


What planning and preparation did you make before going into the process of making an app?

I took a global view of my business. I had to ask the question “what do users want from a GourmetKickz App?” while also paying attention to my business goals. This meant scaling down the offerings that would be available in my app and giving people a concise look at my work. I had to gather images that best represented my body of work so the app could display them at a couple of clicks. The great part about ShoutEm is that I was able to use existing image galleries from one of my sites to populate the galleries in the app! This meant I was already prepared without knowing it! Once I began building the app I saw that the ShoutEm system and menu offered plenty of guidance in what to actually display in the app.

How do you promote your app? What channels do you use and what do you find most successful?

From my main website page I implemented the header code that ShoutEm provided to alert mobile users there is an app for download. This drives the most downloads of the app. Additionally, I place small ads on my sites which, when clicked, direct mobile users to the app download or provide desktop users with more info.

Could you give some tips and tricks on app promotion?

Implementing the code that Shoutem provides is key. Aside from that, mentioning it in social media is important, because most people who access Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook do so from mobile devices. Banners cleverly placed on your full website cannot hurt either.

What kind of impact did the application have on your business?

It made my Business look better! If I already looked good on the web, just having a good looking and great functioning app made GourmetKickz look like one of the “big boys”. While casino online GourmetKickz already ranks among the top custom sneaker brands in the world, my goal is to be a great brand period! The app has given me a few more solid steps in climbing to those heights. There are more successful checkouts from mobile devices which means that this sales channel is working.

How your business of custom sneakers lives in the online world? Your app and website against the competition?

My main shopping cart website already functioned much better than most competitor’s. I am positioned very well in search engines and in Google shopping so the foundation was already there. My app, from what I have heard and read, is one of the best apps in the custom sneaker game. I have also heard that as a brand on the whole, my app can hold its own with the “big boys”.

You are using Shoutem”s Shopify integration, can you tell us something about your experience with it?

Since my goal was to deliver GourmetKickz App user only the hottest and newest goods, and on occassion app-exclusive product I decided it was best to handle the inventory for my app through a Shopify store. My larger e-commerce site houses over 200 products, which is way too much for mobile users to sift through. In the sneaker culture users who are “on the go” and using mobile devices to shop really just want the newest offerings. The Shopify integration allows me to narrow down my offerings without augmenting my main website”s catalog. This integration also allows me to accurately track where purchases are coming from and what mobile users are responding to. The integration itself is seamless; an update in Shopify reflects in my app within minutes. Sending push notifications becomes more effective in this manner as well since I can use the URL for the specific product I am promoting on my Shopify store.

What advice would you give to people who are planning to make an app?

Apps are part of our life now. Ten years ago it was “the web or dead” in regards to businesses looking to survive. Today, it is “app” is for “appearance”. So if you have a business that needs an online presence or you want to appear to be a well-rounded and trustworthy brand that listens to their clients and understands their lifestyle, an app is critical.

How easy was to make the app using Shoutem?

Using Shoutem is easy. It is easier if you already have organized content. The challenge for new users will be in creating content just for the app. If you have never had a web presence before then building an app with no prior content will be just like creating a website for the first time. If you seek to have a multi-dimensional presence in your app and truly build something that represents your brand, then you are going to need to spend time and dish up your best content.

Chef of GourmetKickz