Single-card loyalty program released to all users!

More exciting news from Shoutem; single-card loyalty program released to all users!

The biggest engine for growth and the number one concern for small and medium businesses (SMBs) is retaining loyal customers. Getting this right will start you off on the journey to a prosperous business future. Therefore, we have worked hard to bring you a beautiful addition to what was already a very nice package! Here at ShoutEm, we are proud to say that we have a well-executed and highly robust loyalty module, which can work for any type of business. It’s also something we plan to develop even more, so it becomes seamless for the end user.

Shoutem loyalty is 100% branded, unlike others, and gives SMBs full control of their loyalty program. It is designed to bring long-term benefits and to establish stronger relationships with your customers. A loyalty program is a win-win for both you as a business owner and your customers as buyers of your products and services. By rewarding them for staying loyal to your business, you give them a good reason to come back to you every single time. These rewards show your appreciation, and will certainly take you a long way. People like being taken care of, and also they love to belong to somewhere. So why not make your business a place where your customers will feel as if they belong there?

With our loyalty module, your customers can discover deals, special rewards or discounts and redeem offers and rewards easily. There is no need for them to carry around loyalty cards that are brand-specific, or cash for that matter. Everything is in their smartphones. All you need is a powerful app with a loyalty module to keep your retention high!

Want the best offers and deals sent straight to a customer’s smartphone? Use push notifications. These are the ultimate tool for informing your customers about new offerings or events in your store, or to bring customers in on a slow day by offering a discount. Either way, they work for everybody: the customer feels appreciated and your business blooms.

But first of all, listen to your customers, because those who listen to their customers see better growth in customer retention than those who don’t.

Furthermore, your will learn more about customer engagement and gain some hard data.


1. It is your app with your brand.

loyalty program

From icon, splash screen, to iTunes account, it is all your brand.

You are the only one who has access to your customers’ information.

While doing research, we discovered that most loyalty mobile apps out there do not work for most SMBs, because these apps promote other businesses to your customer base, and you have no control over this.

2. You can customize everything

Points and rewards are fully customizable. You select which of your customers’ actions you want to reward. This could simply be for sharing your content or for real purchases from your store. It is completely up to you.

Design, images, and colors: you can customize every single detail.

3. You can add your own content to the app

Once your customers have downloaded your loyalty app, you can send them additional engaging content. There is no limit on the type of content you can use. ShoutEm supports a large number of content types, and it is extremely easy to add blogs, videos, events, and other things to your app.

Here”s a quick video tutorial and, since it”s released to all users, why not try it out?