How can I sell more through my native app than through my mobile website?

A mobile website or mobile friendly website is not the same as a native Android or iPhone app. Web apps can – or will be able to – do many of the things that native apps can do, but there are still some things which aren’t available in mobile website.

A native app takes advantage of device specific features – like GPS, push notifications, fast and slick UI, and the ability to integrate with other services, e.g. with Shopify.

Shopify integration

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Shoutem integration with Shopify lets you turn your Shopify store into a mobile shopping app for multiple devices in just one click. Users can search, browse and purchase products on the go. Customizing the look-and-feel of mobile shop to match your brand’s visual identity drives customer engagement and grows mobile sales. Try our Shopify integration now!


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Shoppers like it when their favorite brands offer them discounts, vouchers for cheaper shopping and free products. A happy customer is a faithful customer, practically guaranteed to buy even more! Shoutem offers a well-executed and highly robust loyalty modules – single and multi-card which are closely tied to GPS – another ‘native’ function. Create your loyalty app today!

Push notifications

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The registration of a mobile device to receive push notifications is done through a native app and can only be performed through a native app. Push notifications are a feature used by apps to alert smartphone owners to content updates, messages and other events within the installed application. A good push marketing strategy can boost app engagement which leads to customer conversion and loyalty.

Native user experience

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Mobile websites usually use responsive design to create one website to fit all screen sizes. That also means making a lot of compromises and sacrificing user experience. A frustrating experience on a website will hurt an opinion of the brand overall.
Native apps tend to be faster and more responsive, because the code that runs the app is stored locally on the phone, and not all has to be downloaded from the Internet each time it starts.