Multi-card loyalty program is here!

More great news from Shoutem! Multi-card loyalty program is here!

We know that the biggest engine for growth and the number one concern for small and medium businesses (SMBs) is retaining loyal customers. And you already know we have a well-executed and highly robust loyalty module, which can work for any type of business.
With it, you can create your own app and loyalty rewards club.

And now we took the next step – instead of one loyalty program, you can have as many as you want – in a single app! You can set up custom loyalty programs for each location with it’s own rules for rewarding. Imagine – you alone can build loyalty program for chains, franchises, shopping malls, business district, neighbourhood or even town.

loyalty program

With push notifications you can reach your customers at any time and place, and promote deals, limited offers and happy hours. You can activate deals on specific calendar date, weekday or even time of day.

And since you can reward your customers for sharing their check in on their social networks – what could be better customer engagement and marketing tool?

Shoutem loyalty is 100% branded, unlike others, and gives SMBs full control of their loyalty program. It is designed to bring long-term benefits and to establish stronger relationships with your customers.

Here’s a quick video tutorial and, since it’s released to all users, why not try it out?