Happy New Year!

On behalf of the entire Shoutem team, we’d like to wish you a very Happy New Year in 2015!

Here’s what our CEO, Viktor, said exactly a year ago:

“We’re not giving up: 2014 might turn out to be the most exciting year yet for Shoutem!”

And indeed, it was. Our development team and support teams have doubled, we have added some great talent to our design team and our New York office is full of great people getting ready to make 2015 our best year ever.

Here is a message from our CEO for 2015:

“We are grateful to all of you for your continuous support and feedback in 2014. It helped us shape our vision and allowed us to achieve quite a few goals. Full list of features deployed in last year is below. It is pretty impressive.
As an introduction to 2015 I have to say that our team that is bigger and smarter than ever is working on ton of very exciting things and we are taking all the steps necessary to stay recognizable as the most polished, highest quality mobile app creation platform in the world. We were never satisfied with anything less than the best and that is what we will be aiming for this year again.”

Viktor Marohnic, Shoutem CEO.

Android Mobilizer

Our Mobilizer app gives you the exact look and feel of your app before it’s even published. The general rule is: check out your app in the Mobilizer, fix it in the builder. So far, that’s only been possible with the iPhone, but this year we finally got to it.

New home screen editor

We have a new, simple, but powerful home screen editor. Now you can control every pixel on your app’s home page – completely change your icon grid, position, button size, margins and scrolling.

Single-card loyalty

Our well-executed and highly robust loyalty module can work for almost any type of business. It is 100% branded, unlike others, and gives small and medium businesses (SMBs) full control of their loyalty program. There is no need for your customers to carry around loyalty cards that are brand-specific, or cash for that matter. Everything is in their smartphones.

Multi-card loyalty

This is the next step from single-card loyalty – instead of one loyalty program, you can have as many as you want – in a single app! You can set up custom loyalty programs for each location with it’s own rules for rewarding. Imagine, you alone can build loyalty program for chains, franchises, shopping malls, business district, neighbourhood or even town.

New app templates

Some might say that our old app templates perhaps looked a bit empty, and didn’t really show what can be done with the Shoutem builder. We’ve changed that dramatically. New app templates really showcase all the features of our app designer, from various integrations to manually added items.

Notification center

Our notification center allows you to see the latest notifications on your in-app social activity from your last visit, such as new posts, comments and likes.

New design

Soon, all of our apps will be reskinned and updated to a new design that is in line with the latest trends in mobile app design. New screens, beautiful details, and animations will make end users love your apps more than ever.

New features in iPad apps

We’ve added support for manually created content, and our iPad apps can now display the content you’ve created inside the app builder. That means the features currently available for the iPad version are: News (manual and RSS), Videos (manual and RSS), Photos (manual and RSS), Website, Podcasts, People, and Song/Track.

Video tutorials

We’ve recorded a series of video tutorials to introduce some of our less known features. All these features offer a great variety of options, which will make your applications a statement themselves.

In our hands there are more devices than ever before, and the new year brings fresh opportunities to create apps for clients or anyone who has a need.

If you’re not already a part of it, we wish you a fresh start with Shoutem – a beginning of a new mobile life in 2015; and if you’re looking for new business opportunities, we highly suggest considering becoming a part of our Agency program.

May 2015 bring nothing but success and good health to you and yours.

Shoutem Team