Create an app for your Nokia 3310

Very exciting news from Shoutem!

Just to remind you, here’s what our CEO Viktor said at the beginning of the year:

“As an introduction to 2015, I have to say that our team that is bigger and smarter than ever and we’re working on ton of very exciting things. We are taking all necessary steps to stay recognizable as the most polished, highest quality mobile app creation platform in the world.”

You were probably wondering what those exciting things are. Since you requested it so much, and we love listening to our customers, our developers have put themselves into the mindset of a ShoutEm user and worked hard for almost two years to bring you this long-awaited feature!

We are proud to announce that ShoutEm finally supports apps for Nokia 3000 series!

For all of you hipsters who can’t part from your Nokia 3310, now you can build an app for that incredible phone. ShoutEm supports a large number of content types, and it is extremely easy to add blogs, videos, events, and other things to your app. New templates even include pixel fonts and 8-bit graphics.

Apps for Nokia 3000 series are available in the Enterprise pricing plan.

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