Spotlight: YOGABODY

Just because yoga is an ancient art of breathing, stretching and exercising your body, that doesn’t mean its adherents haven’t embraced the wonders of modern technology – meet YOGABODY.

YOGABODY brings you real-time updates weekly, access to hundreds of hours of health and yoga content, recipes, expert classes and more! Find out how they made the app with Shoutem.

What is YOGABODY and who is it for?

We serve yoga students primarily interested in at-home practice in 81 countries around the world. 80% are women, 20% are men, the average age is 35, but we have people of all ages, all backgrounds in our community.

How and when did you come up with the idea to make an app?

I am a podcaster, and Apple does a terrible job updating their show rankings for specific keywords. I spent a year promoting the iTunes listing only to lose my audience to Apple with no benefit to me. As an independent media company, I feel it’s important to control your delivery systems, and my app gives me direct access to my audience.


How easy was to make the app using ShoutEm?

Shoutem enabled me to make an iOS and Android app, the process was very straightforward. Very few companies have a cross platform, and that’s not OK when 50% of my audience is using Android.

What planning and preparation did you make before going into the process of making an app?

Mostly, I just followed the instructions and thought about simple ways to pull in my existing content publishing into the app.

What kind of impact did the application have on your business?

It’s still too early to tell, but the most important thing for me is I can now communicate with my audience directly via push messages, updates, and real-time changes. The real-time changes to the app are really crucial, I would never go back to static apps.

How was the app received in the community?

Great, everyone loves the app… not sure why, but people really prefer it.

What are the main features included in your app?

Weekly updated podcast episodes, store, and push notifications are my most used features.

Could you name a few advantages of mobile as communication channel and platform?

It’s not so much an advantage as a requirement. My audience is 40%+ mobile every day and 60%+ on weekends. To serve your audience, you have to go on their devices, and computers are getting used less and less for “me time” and more just for “work time.” As a B2C company, this is important.


How do you promote your app? What channels do you use and what do you find most successful?

Email marketing, mobile popup on the website when people hit the page.

What advice would you give to people who are planning to make an app?

Get started! Keep it simple, grow from there. With real-time updates, the most important thing is to get it up.

Get the app from iTunes or Google Play Store and check it out!