Spotlight: Legal Newsance

In today’s Spotlight, meet Legal Newsance – an excellent tool for legal information and resources.

What is Legal Newsance?

Legal Newsance is a content discovery app that helps law professionals and students easily find relevant information and resources that they commonly search for. Curated by humans, Legal Newsance provides efficient access to current legal news, events, job openings and more on a single platform. 18 leading legal organizations are already posting job and event info to the app, and we look forward to adding more participants as we scale.

How did you come up with the idea to make an app?

Our story starts like many others’, where we struggled to find a solution to what was becoming a daily problem in our work lives. For us, finding and accessing essential information and resources relevant to our careers was a time drain. We had no choice but to scour the web, tinker with general aggregators and news readers, and cobble together a way to filter out digital noise to find content we needed “in the moment.”

In addition, we saw that no company was adequately providing content discovery tools for professionals in the medium that was quickly becoming the primary access point to the Internet – mobile.

Faced with these two voids, we set out to create innovative content discovery apps that help professionals find curated information and resources essential to their daily work lives on whatever mobile device they use, wherever they are.

What are the main features included in your app?

Legal Newsance includes:

— Legal News: Updated daily across 12 topics, we feature over 300 news, opinion, analysis and blog items per week!

— Legal Research: Easy access to over 1200 online statutes, rules, guides and databases.

— Events: Quickly find live and on-demand legal education programs and seminars by leading providers.

— Jobs: Browse employer-posted job listings for attorney, paralegal and professional staff positions.

Legal Newsance app

What are the main differences between delivering content on the web and on mobile?

With a mobile app we’re better able to create an ecosystem that is tailored specifically for our target audience. From a user’s perspective, the result is a platform that is more efficient, intuitive and useful. Mobile also allows us to engage our audience directly with timely push notifications and integrated social media features. The result is a higher user retention rate than what we would otherwise see when publishing on a website.

Could you name a few advantages of mobile as communication channel and platform?

There are currently over 968 million websites in existence today. As a result, it is becoming increasingly difficult to attract (and retain) the attention of users. With a mobile app, we can more easily generate a captive audience regardless of our size or marketing budget.

Mobile apps also enable us to better integrate features of a mobile phone that users typically rely on in their daily lives, such as location maps, content sharing and communications.

What advice would you give to people who are planning to make an app?

A mobile app needs to make a user’s life more convenient in some way, so take the time to understand your audience and self-edit on the design. Many apps are well intentioned but lack the design focus that is critical to building a loyal following. Users will quickly abandon an app that feels burdensome, cluttered or incoherent.

How easy was to make the app using ShoutEm?

VERY easy. The CMS works so well that we were able to concentrate our energy on front-end design and content building. A lot of the operational features many developers take for granted (such as push notifications) work flawlessly. We have had no crash reports to date, either.

Get the app from iTunes or Google Play Store.