Android Apps Have A New Rating System

Last May Google Play introduced a new app content rating system in order to help consumers with their purchases. To get the rating, if your app is published under your own Google Developer account, you simply fill out the questionnaire on the Google Play Developer Console. If your app is under the Shoutem account, we’ll do that for you 🙂

The questions are related to the nature of your app, and based on your responses, Google Play assigns it a rating. The rules are defined by The International Age Rating Coalition (IARC), and an app can get different ratings depending on the territory it will be downloaded from.

How do I rate my app?


  • Sign into your Google Play Developer Console.
  • Select an app.
  • On the left menu, click Content Rating.
  • Review information about the questionnaire and type your email address.
    Your email address will be used for correspondence with IARC.
  • Click Continue.
  • Select a category.
  • Complete the questionnaire.
    To change any of your responses after you’ve completed a section, click Edit.
    If you’ve started taking the questionnaire and want to finish later, click Save draft. Each app can have one draft questionnaire at a time.
  • Click Calculate app rating.
  • On your ratings summary page, click Apply rating to my app.

For more information, visit Developer Console Help. The rating is calculated based on your answers and if you think it’s not appropriate, you will be able to discuss it with the IARC.

Rating the apps is mandatory for all apps that are already published or that will be published there, which means it also applies to all the updates you’ll be making. According to Google,“Unrated” apps may be blocked in certain territories for specific users, or even deleted from the Google Play Store, so be sure to rate it as soon as possible.

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