Spotlight: Not Just Spring Break

Never miss an event again! Read on to find out what is Not Just Spring Break and how it helps you to find something interesting wherever you might be.

What is Not Just Spring Break and who is it for?

Not Just Spring Break is an app that promotes nationwide events for young urban professionals.

How did you come up with the idea to make an app?

I love to travel, and I found that whenever I was in a foreign city, I would not know what is going on. So I created the app for urban professionals who not only live in the respective cities but travel to those cities.

How was the app received in the community?

The app has been received well so far. In less than a year, we have about 5,000 users in 10 countries.

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What are the main features included in your app?

Users can search for events by date, location, and price. Events include parties, comedy shows, concerts, career fairs, vacation getaways, HBCU events, health & beauty expos, and more.

Was it easy to make the app using ShoutEm?

It was relatively easy. I believe the biggest challenge was connecting the application to Apple and Google Play to make it go live. I appreciate the patience ShoutEm has had with me in getting the content out.

What are the main differences between delivering content on the web and on mobile?

Content on the web is more stationary than mobile. My demographic (millennials) mostly utilize mobile devices to receive information.

How do you promote your app? What channels do you use and what do you find most successful?

I’ve promoted the app using flyers, email blasts, and social media marketing. So far, social media marketing has been successful when I partner with popular Instagram channels.

What advice would you give to people who are planning to make an app?

Do your research. Find out if there is a need for your idea, and find the most cost efficient way to make it happen.

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