Spotlight: (716) Food & Sport

Nothing brings friends (and family) together like food and sport. Creators of Academy of Hockey know that, and that’s why they made (716) Food and Sport app. It provides the premier fan, food, and sports experience for residents and visitors of Western New York, with a commitment to hospitality, quality, and the community. (716) is their code. The secret language among Western New Yorkers is the deep passion for both food and sport. Combining the two creates the ultimate fan experience.

What is (716) Food & Sport app and who is it for?

The (716) Food & Sport mobile application is the real mobile solution for the (716) Food & Sport restaurant located in the new HARBORCENTER facility in downtown Buffalo New York. The application is a series of information tools used to acquire and drive business to the facility/restaurant.

When did you realize you need a mobile application for your business?

Similar to the process of working with the Academy of Hockey, the mobile community is a market that is a necessary channel to cater too. With the anticipation of (716) Food & Sport, it was obvious that reservations and food truck tracking would be needed to maximize the customer service experience.

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What planning and preparation did you make before going to the Shoutem app builder?

We had worked with Shoutem before on other application and were very comfortable with the tool set and capabilities of they offered. It was an easy decision to publish another application using their tools.

How easy was to make the app using Shoutem?

Extremely easy to do the drag-and-drop environment and having published previous applications with Shoutem allowed us to develop and deploy the app within a two-three week time frame.

What kind of impact did the application have on your business?

Traffic numbers to the reservation system increased, and downloads have been quite successful with the app. It’s a matter of streamlining the process of getting people in-and-out of the restaurant and do the nature of the business, the app affords us that ability.

Could you name a few advantages of mobile as communication channel and platform?

Mobile is the evolution of digital, except now an omni-marketing approach can be obtained.

Get the app from iTunes or Google Play Store and check it out!