Spotlight: Once Upon a Tee

This week’s success stories brings you Once Upon a Tee – a unique T-shirt store with a different collection every week. Each collection is available for one week and one week only, so don’t miss out!

What is Once Upon a Tee?

Once Upon a Tee features a new collection of limited edition $12 T-Shirts every week. The weekly collections at Once Upon a Tee are inspired by your favorite television shows, video games, and movies. Each design is available as a T-Shirt, Fitted T-Shirt, Youth T-Shirt, Hoodie, Crewneck Sweatshirt, Tank Top, Set of Coasters, and Phone Case (with other options based on seasonal availability).

With each purchase that you make with Once Upon a Tee, you also earn Rupee Rewards. Rupee Rewards is a loyalty program that rewards customers with points that they can use to redeem discount codes and more.

When did you realize you need a mobile application for your business?


From our launch in 2013, it was essential for us to establish our brand as mobile friendly. It is vital because we are the same people that we welcome into our community. We love pop culture. We love movies and television. We love video games and technology, and we can’t get enough of it.

And we know that we’re not alone.

We’re part of a community that is always checking our phones for the latest news. We’re checking it to stay in touch with friends and family members. We’re liking, commenting, upvoting, and sharing everything from Meme’s to pet Hedgehogs collecting photoshopped rings.

From the very beginning, we’ve wanted Once Upon a Tee to be a part of that. We want people to be able to check back with us every week to see what artists from all over the world come up with, and we want it to be convenient for them.”


You are using Shoutem’s Shopify integration, can you tell us something about your experience with it?

We’ve been looking for a developer for a mobile application for a long time. Unfortunately, we do not have any experience internally in application development. We’ve looked into it, but haven’t made much progress.

We spoke with a few developers, and we just couldn’t convey what we wanted at a rate that was affordable for a small business. After our migration to Shopify, we looked at some integrated options and found Shoutem.

The integration itself was super simple. It took us a little bit of time to get things situated and to get our applications published, but it’s been a great experience, and we’ve had a lot of positive reactions to our app.

How easy was to make the app using Shoutem?

Let me start by saying that it wasn’t the easiest thing that we’ve ever done, but I’m a perfectionist, and I know that you can’t build something perfect overnight. That said, for someone with zero experience in application development, it could not have been easier.

There was a lot of tinkering around and a lot of trial and error, but we are very happy with the app that we have.

What are the main differences between delivering content on the web and mobile?

I believe that the biggest difference between delivering content on the web and mobile devices is the user interface. It is important to remember your audience and their experience with your brand. In most cases, there is not a one size fits all scenario and there is a major difference between a 5″ screen that you hold in your hand and a 24″ widescreen monitor.

Could you please give your personal advice on why dealers should use mobile as a platform and channel of communication?

The answer is simple. Mobile is here, and it is not going away.

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