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Being a business owner is not an easy job. Running a business with significant results and stable growth is every CEO’s dream, but it’s a challenge and you don’t want to become Dr.Frankenstein and experiment with your business, do you? 

Once you combine challenges from the brave new “mobile everything” world to your daily schedule, with many black cats crossing your path, you’re confronted with a ruthless, fast-paced global business environment. Mary Meeker predicted in 2008. that mobile will overtake fixed Internet access by 2014., and by the latest study released by comScore, we officially know mobile apps have accounted for 52% of the time spent on digital media.

The boom of “mobile everything” came fast, but it was predicted and now business owners cannot ignore the importance of mobile apps. ‘Mobile-first’ culture demands from businesses a new medium to acquire new and retain current customers, except if you want your business to end up in a spooky graveyard.

To stop you from turning your business into a zombie that just walks and wanders without any plans and goals, we’ve summarized the “3 Big Reasons You Need a Mobile App for Your Small Business”. Even worse, you can turn your business into a mummy, but worry not – here are some useful tips which will help you avoid this grave situation: “Why small business owners need a mobile app”.

Now when you know how and why you need to save your business from doom, we need to equip you with some pointers on how to fight skeletons, ghosts, goblins and witches that stand in your way.


Goblins are evil, grotesque creatures that will attack with petty arguments and try to convince you to give up from adopting the mobile-first culture. To fight them, just cast the  Mobile apps are worth the investment to acquire new customers” spell on them.

Once you’ve passed goblins, and you finally have a mobile app, your next step is fighting skeletons. Skeletons will try to ambush your app users and stun them – their primary goal is to prevent users from using the app and to stop onboarding new users. Luckily for you, we will give you 5 pieces of advice that you need to forge to make a special weapon – “Sword of acquiring and retaining your app users”.

Now once you’ve beaten both goblins and skeletons, monsters will be more careful, and they’ll attack you with their strongest forces.

First the ghosts will come. Ghosts are hard to spot since they lurk from the deepest darkness, and if you’re not careful enough, your app will be in great danger. With the range of different attacks, ghosts will first try to pull your users into the darkness (they’ll stop using your app). Your app will become desolate, and no one will want to go near it. To fight them, you’ll need to listen, get to know your users and know their habits so the ghosts cannot take advantage of the lack of your knowledge. Equip yourself with the wise advice on How to build an app community and use it as a shield from horrid ghosts. Once you have protection, it’s time to get rid of ghosts with ”Push Notification Wand”.To use this item efficiently and to master it, here are the 5 tips on creating push notifications.

After you’ve defeated the ghost, prepare for final battle with evil witches. As your last obstacle in stopping your business from becoming a haunted house, witches will use all their power to defeat you. They will attack with spells and black magic that will cause uncertainty, make you doubt your every move and try to mess with your head in every way imaginable.

In order to keep a steady mind, and provide additional tools in our fight against evil, you can check out these success stories: Academy of Hockey gained quite a bit of steam, VM Radio increased the number of listeners and was a trending app in Canadian App Store with their own mobile app built by Shoutem.


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