10 Black Friday ‘Star Wars’ Survival Tips

The Thanksgiving feast is over. And as the turkey, pumpkin pie and mashed potatoes begin to settle down in your belly, there’s no time to rest. Black Friday marks the start of the holiday shopping season, and you need to be prepared to emerge victoriously in this fierce battle for the best deals.

In order to rule Black Friday, take a few tips from Han Solo, Yoda, Darth Vader and other characters from Star Wars. May the Force be with you!

1. Plan ahead

We’re all waiting for retailers to run discounted deals, as the majority of them will, but it’s crucial not to rush into Black Friday without a plan. It’s most necessary to have a clear picture from which retailer you want to buy and when it’s the perfect time to grab the best deals. Look for Black Friday teasers, pre-announcements and be ready when the clock strikes.

2. Create a list

To keep you on track and help you buy only the deals you really need, we’d advise you to create a list. With this list, you will maintain focus and won’t get lost in the sea of millions of attractive deals. Retailers will try to lure you with mass discounts to spend as much money as you can, on things you might not need. Prior to any purchase, ask yourself first,”Do I really need it?”.

Let the list be your armor that will defend you against eye-catching deals. You don’t want to buy an item you’ll never use and have it sitting in your living room or next to your computer, just because it’s 70% off.

3. Use the Force and research prices

It’s impossible to count the number of discounts and flash sales we’ve all been exposed to in previous weeks. With so many discounted deals from so many vendors, it’s hard to recognize the cheapest one. To help you compare prices, we prepared a list of tools to help you determine the lowest price.

Google Shopping
Google Shopping is one of the most comprehensive tools we used for monitoring prices. You can see how many stores listed item you’ve searched, the difference between the prices and the average price. Furthermore, if the items are submitted to Google Shopping, the price in nearby stores will be displayed so if you want to go physically to the store, you’ll know the exact price. It might be even cheaper.

InvisibleHand is available in two versions – as a mobile app and browser add-on. It will notify you if you can buy the item you’re looking for from another retailer for a cheaper price. The best thing about this tool is that there’s no need for you to search constantly and compare prices; the tool will notify you if you’re going to overpay your item and send you an offer from another retailer.

Nextag is present for over 15 years, and the quality of the tools is proven with almost 30 million website visits each month. With millions of products, one of the largest selections of retailers and products, and fast search, Nextag could be a perfect tool for you.

Be mindful of your purchases, concentrate, and use The Force, in order to get the best out of Black Friday.

4. Compare historical prices

Black Friday is an excellent opportunity to save and spend less money on numerous items from your wish list. But for the reasons unknown to us, some retailers underestimate the power of the shoppers. In few, rare cases, retailers tend to set higher prices before the holidays so once the sale starts, the item will be discounted, but their profit will stay equal regardless of discount.

A few tools can help you to notice fake price drops and stop this “greedy” behaviour.

In addition to price comparison, PriceGrabber is offering insights up to 6 months of price changes so you can easily track and compare current prices with historical prices.

PrieceZombie has the price history of every store indexed. PriceZombie will provide you with tracking graphs which display alerts if the current price of a searched product is a good deal, or it the price was even lower in the past.

This free tracker is a perfect solution if you cannot live without Amazon. CamelCamelCamel will provide you with a price tracker that monitors millions of Amazon listings. In order to receive alerts for price drops, you’ll need to set up a free account, and once the item drops below a certain price, the system will notify you by email.

5. Newsletters are coming

Your email will be under “heavy fire” for a week or two, but it’s finally time to devote more time for your “Promotions” tab in Gmail. Default promotional emails are usually boring, but this rule doesn’t apply for Black Friday. Once you have your wish list ready, open retailer’s website and sign up for newsletter updates and wait for a perfect deal to hit your inbox. You can even get opt-in for “Pre-Black Friday deals” if you’re subscribed to the newsletter and claim your deal even before the Black Friday madness starts.

6. Know what you want and add items to a wish lists

Some services, like Steam or Amazon, allow you to put products on the wish list. We all crave for some products that are currently too expensive or aren’t on our primary shopping list. Even if you’ve added products to shopping cart, but haven’t proceeded to check out, retailers will alert you if those items are on sale, so be sure to use wish lists wisely.

7. Act fast

There’s a chance you’ll get lost in the Black Friday hysteria, even if you followed our advice. All of our advice doesn’t necessary mean you don’t have to watch other products and save big time. This year, Amazon announced Deals of the Day – they’ll add new deals as often as every 5 minutes, but those are limited-supply deals. Therefore, you’ll need to act fast and grab the deals ASAP.

8. Avoid offline stores at all cost

Every year we are witnesses Black Friday stampedes, which happen as soon as stores gates open. Do you really want to be a part of the “door busters” and risk getting injured? There’s also a big chance you’ll leave the store empty handed. Take your Thanksgiving leftovers, get comfortable in your chair or couch, and in just a few clicks, shop from the comfort of your home.

9. Enjoy  your victories

At the end of the day, if you’ve succeeded and bought everything as planned, it’s time to finally relax. Enjoy the harvest of your deals, and just wait for the delivery guy (or drone) to deliver the package to your doorstep.

10. Deals come and go, don’t sob

If, by any circumstances, you don’t grab a deal on time, don’t be sad or get overly attached.The holiday shopping season just started and you’ll soon have a new chance to spend your hard earned money on things you (don’t) need.

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