Spotlight: Nerd Out

We sat down with Michelle Jensen, creator of the Nerd Out app, to find out how nerd community finally got the app they deserve!

What is Nerd Out app and who is it for?

Nerd Out is a mobile nerd event calendar app. What’s a nerd event? Everything from Geeks Who Drink Pub nights to cosplay meet ups to screenings. Nerd Out is for everyone, whether you’re a casual nerd or a die hard nerd! It’s also family friendly.

When did you realize that you need a mobile application for your organization?

Nerd Out was always designed as a mobile application. Back in April I was having trouble keeping track of the events I was attending. I realized they were all nerd related in one way or another. So I figured an easy to use the app to not only keep track of events, but to help discover new ones was needed!

What kind of impact did the application have on the community?

We’ve received an extremely warm welcome from the nerd community. My favorite response from people is ‘I totally need this!‘ We heard it countless times when we attended Comikaze recently. It’s so wonderful to create something that helps other.

Could you name a few advantages of mobile as communication channel and platform?

It’s easy to use and always on the go. You don’t have to sort through some clunky website or be using your computer. Everyone has their phone on them so it’s easily accessible.


How do you promote your app? What channels do you use and what do you find most successful?

We use the usual social media channels; Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. What we’ve found most successful is reaching out to local comic book shops. As a whole, they’ve been very excited about Nerd Out.

How easy was to make the app using Shoutem?

I took my time tinkering with the site to figure out what was best for Nerd Out. They have a good number of options so I was happy to have choices. Shoutem was the only company I found that could handle the location based information for us. Shoutem’s platform as a whole is pretty easy to understand even for beginners.

What advice would you give to people who are planning to make an app?

It’s most important to figure out the heart of your app. Mine is a nerd event calendar at it’s most basic form. If you understand that, it’s easier to figure out what you need to build your app.

Why do you think communities like Nerd Out need a mobile strategy?

Because there are so many people involved in the nerd community it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle. Nerd Out’s mission it to unite nerds around the world.

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