Spotlight: BikeAid

This week’s success stories brings the story of a BikeAid app, global bike services locator. BikeAid app is everything you need to have when driving on your two wheels and 50,000+ app users and app downloaders think the same!

What is BikeAid app and who is it for?

BikeAid is a global bike store locator app. It is for anyone who is traveling around to a new city and wants to find a bike store or anyone that wants to find a selection of bike stores in their current city.

When did you realize that you need a mobile application for your organization?

After traveling overseas and needing a part for my bike, the idea came about. Being in a foreign country and with traditional search options not being very helpful, I thought if only there was an app to show me all the local bike stores.

What planning and preparation did you make before actually creating the app?

Firstly, we curated bike store listings from our local country, New Zealand, and worked on that before deciding to make a truly global app that everyone can use.

What are the main features included in the app?

We have the bike store locator feature, which currently covers bike store listings in New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, USA, Canada and the UK. Europe will be added soon. We also have a bike news & info section, for avid riders to keep up to date with global cycling news.


Was it easy to make the using Shoutem builder?

Yes, Shoutem was an amazing find! With no previous coding experience and just an idea, we were able to make the bones of our app very quickly. With the added Mobilizer test app, it makes it easy to see the progress of the app in real time.

How was BikeAid received in the community?

It’s gone great with the cycling community in general. An interesting function that the app is being used for is that several cycle industry sales reps are using it to make their sales calls on bike stores. Working out which store is going to be best to call on next from their current location. It’s cool to create something that others can use to make their day a little easier.

Why do you think the combination of mobile, social and local is a win-win combination these days?

A lot of people are now connected for most of the day. Having that combo means that we can be engaged more with our users where they are spending their time.

What advice would you give to people who are planning to make an app?

There are so many apps available across both platforms now, so it pays to search to see what is out there and possibly how many apps are doing something similar to what you want to do. After that, I’d say go for it!