Spotlight: offerON

OfferON is the newest member of our Hall of Fame section – an app that wants to connect businesses in Poland with customers. Read their story and interview with Carlos Fernandes, offerOn founder.

What is offerON app and who is it for?

The app is a mobile platform for businesses in Poland to reach the masses. We allow companies to add their profiles, events, loyalty programs and coupons to the app. It’s also a place for the community to find local businesses and easily access their profile, events, latest news and any current offers they may have.

When did you realize that you need a mobile application?

I realized when I noticed how most people spend possibly 80% of their internet usage time on their smartphones.

What kind of impact did the application have on the community?

It’s still early days. We have not yet spent any money on marketing as we first needed to fill the app with interesting businesses. We will begin serious marketing/advertising from March 30, 2016 as the app is now full of very interesting offers for premium and non-premium clients. Otherwise, we are happy with the current level of downloads and users.

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What are main advantages of a mobile app as a communication channel?

The main advantage of our app is that our users can access offers on the spare of the moment. Looking for a place to have a coffee while you are out walking? Open the app and chooses from dozens of offers close to your location thanks to GPS Location.

What channels do you use to promote your app and what type of promotion do you find most successful?

We will promote heavily via Facebook. Twitter is not popular in Poland. Also national newspapers and local radio.

How easy was to make the app using Shoutem?

It has taken me a while to get to the stage it is at right now. In fact, we internally are still not 100% happy with the current look, but this is normal; we are always looking to improve the app. Shoutem is by far the best app builder we have found. It’s really easy to use and has many building options in terms of adding content. Would be nice if we could build a Windows version also but lets not be too picky. Shoutem is cool.

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What advice would you give to people who are planning to make an app?

Try to think out of the box and make your app look different. Shoutem allows you to play with the layouts so make use of it and come up with something original. Also, try to keep your graphics to a minimum to increase the loading speeds of the app.