Instagram Improvements

Instagram has introduced a few major changes to its app: a new app icon along with a new app design. These design changes were followed up by changes in the backend to how images can be fetched. Consequently, Shoutem’s integration has been improved, resulting in unlimited photos that can be displayed in the stream from now on.

Instagram photos had been imported into Shoutem apps via Iconosquare, but due to the changes in the Instagram API for third-party apps, Iconosquare can no longer access the Instagram feed and display.

The root cause of the issue is a change the way images can be fetched, so Iconosquare decided to ditch the free plan and become a paying service. Instead of using Iconosquare as a paid service, which would require additional payment on the user side, we decided to make the most out of the change in API, that is, we implemented a new way to fetch and display Instagram photos.

With the new way of fetching and displaying the feed, your app will now be able to display all photos uploaded on your Instagram account. Until now, our Instagram feed was limited to displaying only the last 30 photos from the added Instagram account.

This is small, but valuable improvement in the Shoutem platform; stayed tuned for more new updates and improvements. Check our new Youtube video and see how integration works after we implemented the improvement.