Spotlight: Dona Jo

Dona Jo, a women’s athletic apparel brand, created a new sales channel and improved shopping experience with a dedicated e-commerce mobile app.

What is the Dona Jo app, who is it for, and what is its main purpose?

The Dona Jo app is a very important tool for engaging with our most loyal customers. The app is for customers who want to have priority access to new products, offers, and content. The other purpose of the app is to make the shopping experience quick and easy!

What kind of impact did the app have on the business?

The app has been amazing when we wanted to communicate new products and offers to our customers. We have seen a great number of customers downloading the app, which means they want to connect with our brand and see the new content we create every day.

What are main advantages of a mobile app as a sales channel? Has the app created a new revenue channel?

The app has definitely become a new revenue channel. We believe that as we grow our business, the number of downloads will also increase, and the ability to connect with our customers in this way will set us apart from our competition.

Black Android and white iPhone smartphones on the wooden table running Dona Jo app made with Shoutem app builder.

Why did you decide to create a mobile app?

At Dona Jo we always think about improvements we can make to our sales channels. We ask ourselves how to help our customers make a purchase and have a great experience while shopping. A mobile app is one great solution.

Describe the onboarding process of new app users in a few words.

We currently include the link to download our app in our email marketing campaigns. That way our customers have the opportunity to download the app and also share it with friends and family.

How easy was it to make the app using Shoutem?

Shoutem provides a very easy platform to create the app and update its content. We were able to link our website platform to the app so that collections and products can be updated seamlessly.

Which feature in the app will add the biggest value to your users?

Push notification is the best feature of the app. It allows us to communicate with our customers whenever we want!

You can download Dona Jo app from both App Store or Google Play Store.