Spotlight: The Home Shoppe

The Home Shoppe used the power of mobile to capture leads, boost sales, acquire new customers and gain more exposure with a dedicated shopping mobile app.

What is the main purpose of The Home Shoppe app, and who is it for?

The main purpose of the Home Shoppe app is to give existing and potential customers an easier, more fluid shopping experience. Since more people are making purchases on their mobile devices instead of their desktop computers, we can also send customers sales notifications and make it easier for them to browse our full collection in the mobile app.

What kind of effect did the application have on the business?

The app led to more sales and more exposure, especially in categories and products that used to see much slower revenue generation.

Why did you decide to create a mobile app?

Mobile and online shopping has become a vital part of retail sales. With the mobile app, it is easier to capture sales and display our full collection to our customers so they can shop with ease.

Male user shopping with Home Shoppe mobile app

What are the main advantages of a mobile app?

The main advantage of our app is that we can now connect with our customers 24/7. The app is also a great tool for attracting new customers. I think the majority of us can agree that when we engage with a new shop, restaurant, or business in the offline world, we almost immediately check their presence in the digital world, including their apps and social media profiles.

What kind of effect did the app have on your sales and revenue stream?

Due to the easy browsing and good categorization, customers can find and view products easily from their phones. All the images and details for our products are included, which makes shopping and decision-making easier for our customers.

Which feature in the app will your business benefit from the most?

We will benefit the most from the product collections and push notifications. The ability to execute sales and promotional strategies in real time and to get instant feedback and statistics so we know right away what we need to optimize is of great value to us.

Different screens of Home Shoppe app in on white iPhone 6 mockups

How easy was it to make the app using Shoutem?

It was relatively easy for us to make the app with the Shoutem app builder. The interface is user-friendly and super easy, so we didn’t encounter any problems. In addition, the entire publishing process is automated, so we had more time to focus on the app and leave everything else to the Shoutem team.

Which feature in the app will provide the most value to your users?

Users will get the most value from the Shopify integration. With just a few clicks, they can add multiple products to their carts and complete the checkout process. Our users can also contact us directly from the app, get instant results from our product promotions, and get the latest updates from our social media accounts, such as Instagram.

You can download The Home Shoppe app from both App Store or Google Play Store.