Best React Native apps to date

Best React Native apps to date

With its rise in popularity, it was only a matter of time before apps built with React Native emerged in app stores. React Native is used on a wide scale, from Fortune 500 companies to hot startups, on both iOS and Android platforms.

Here’s the list of the best React Native apps to date. In the first part of the React Native blog post series we covered the history of React Native, so be sure to check it if you still haven’t.

Facebook Ads Manager

Ads Manager app is the first full React Native cross-platform app. Creating and managing Facebook campaigns can be a horror story for your marketing team, as it sometimes requires a lot of time, nerves, and patience working with the desktop version of Ads Manager, and results in a temporary “mental breakdown.” On the other hand, the Facebook Ads Manager app is a completely different experience.

The first thing you’ll notice is that the app is lightning fast, regardless of the actions you want to perform; from checking the status of a current campaign to creating a new one, all it takes is a second or two at most to navigate to the next step or access the data. The same goes for more complicated actions, like account switching: the completely different set of data is loaded instantly.

From a design standpoint, the interface is clean with intuitive UX and simple navigation. The animations and transitions are flawless; they do not feel unnatural or buggy at any point. The overall experience is magnificent, and if your marketing team isn’t using the app, we strongly advise them to start.

Discovery VR

If you never experienced the power of VR, Discovery VR will fill that gap perfectly. The app brings heart-pounding adventures in a way that you’ve never experienced before, either via VR or 360 videos. Complete UI in the app has been written in React Native, which allows the developers to embed gyroscope and player using the native APIs, demonstrating the true power of React Native.

Discord – Chat for Gamers

Discord is another brilliant example of the power of React Native and the type of performance the app can achieve while sharing 98% of the code in iOS and web apps. The app’s performances are incredible; switching between teams and loading channels with a long history of conversations is done in a blink of an eye. Switching from direct calls to voice channels and vice versa is as smooth as it should be.

CBS Sport Franchise Football

If you have always dreamt of being an NFL coach, CBS Sport Franchise Football is the perfect app for you. The app brilliantly simulates the real-life experience of NFL coaches: you need to demonstrate your coaching skills throughout the season, manage the player rosters, create new playbooks for your team, analyze your team performances, assign bonuses, and much more.

We loved the onboarding process, and the app guides you through Season 1 to familiarize you with the game and teach you everything you can, and must, do as a coach. But it doesn’t stop there; once you unlock the new options, the app highlights them to minimize your chances of missing them.

Health Tracking by Gyroscope

Gyroscope allows you to see the complete story of your life; it’s the health app on steroids. Not only can you track steps, your workout, or your heart rate, but with the dozens of integrations, you can also track activities like productivity on the computer, or use sleep tracker and automatic Ai to make sure you get enough sleep.

All the data is displayed in two lovely, well-designed views: Simple or Cards mode. All tracked data is aggregated in daily/weekly/monthly reports, and you can easily deep-dive into it and decide on which things you want to focus on next.

Myntra – Fashion Shopping App

Myntra is a perfect example of how a shopping app should look and feel in order to make shopping from your smartphone as easy as possible. Once the app is opened, you just need to pick your interest and the app will populate the Home tab with similar categories or products. It’s a nice way to keep users engaged if they want to discover something new.

We loved the incredible speed of collection loading, the smooth interface, and intuitive UX. For example, if your bag is empty, the app will display a button “Go to wish list,” and if your wish list is also empty, a “Start shopping” button will be displayed – a nice way to lead users towards engagement.

Refinery29 This AM

Refinery29 provides a unique way to consume the latest news and top stories. The app will serve just 8 short, fun-to-read cards on a daily basis. We loved the whole concept of the app: it requires minimal engagement on the user side; you can stay updated with the latest news within 2 or 20 minutes, and it’s designed in a completely different way than any other news app.


Sneat takes restaurant apps to the next level for all foodies. Not only does the app provide a unique and simple one-click booking system for restaurants, but its navigation, maps, and payment form are elegantly designed. We hope the app will either extend its restaurant list from Paris-only to other locations, or those similar apps will emerge.


Townske aims to be your travel inspiration city guide on your next trip. The app connects you with locals to get a list of their favorite places and creates a curated list of places to explore and experience as locals do. It’s not mandatory for users to have an account, which is great, as it allows you to quickly find the next location you want to visit.

Imagine that you have low Wi-Fi connectivity, or that your battery is running low – in these cases, it’s a neat feature to have. We loved the design transitions and animations from a list view to a specific guide, as well as the “Save to a list” feature.

AIGA Design Conference

AIGA Design Conference 2015 app is a brilliant example of a conference app; not only does it aggregate a detailed schedule of all events, but it also offers an expert local guide to New Orleans. We are amazed by the app’s design: including slick animations (sticky section titles), a minimalist map with expandable items, and nice view transitions. The combination of great design and speed results in a perfect conference app.

Infographic of the best React Native apps to date.

Think we missed some brilliant React Native apps? Let us know and add some of your favorite React Native apps in the comments.

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