Free apps for schools that needs to work online due to coronavirus situation

Due to schools and other educational institutions closing because of coronavirus (COVID-19), Shoutem wants to offer educators who need to work and teach from home the chance to create a school app for free!

What exactly are school apps?

Shoutem apps for schools are platforms where teachers can create apps that help organize online learning materials and exchange information with students — all outside of the classroom.

Because classes are moving online, Shoutem’s platform allows teachers to plan and publish lessons and videos so that students can easily learn from the app.

In your Shoutem app, you can create a social wall and post updates for your students where participants can comment and like posts, so you can see who’s actively participating.

Our mobile app for schools addresses specific, educational needs: it helps teachers share important news, post updates about current and future events, publish circulars, and more.

How has COVID-19 affected schools so far?

To date, school officials in many countries around the world have announced short-term closures — ranging from a couple of days to five weeks — in hopes of mitigating the disease’s spread.

All of us need to take responsibility for the well-being of students and staff alike. Whether by avoiding social gatherings and publishing educational content online or in an app, it is up to all of us to do our part to keep our children, our families, our educators, and our community safe and healthy.

How to create a school app with Shoutem?

To start creating your app, read these follow up articles HERE to understand the basics, or use our premade Educational App template to do so in no time.

If you’re having any trouble or questions about starting your school app, or how publishing the app works, please contact us at


This offer expires in 7 days (expires on March 26).

Free subscription is for 1 month. After that we offer discounted price until the situation with remote schooling related to COVID19 ends.

To publish your app in iTunes and Google Play store, it is required to have a paid, business-based iOS account and paid Android developer account.

Offer is limited to schools (institutions). One app per school with directories for different classrooms or educational groups.

Also, this offer does not apply to resellers.

Ivona Palko