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Gig Pic is the newest member in our Hall of Fame section. If you’re planning to visit any summer music festival, Gig Pic is the right app to download on your phone!

What is Gig Pic app and who is it for?

Gig Pic is a photo sharing app for music events, gigs and festivals.

When did you realize that you need a mobile application?

Well the app for us is our product. Lots of people have asked about allowing uploads on our website and multiple photo uploads, but we wanted to make sure every picture is unique and special. We don’t want people to go on the app and see that a user has uploaded 65 photos to a gallery, we want to see the best pictures and when, where they were taken, who’s in it and why it’s special to them!

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What kind of impact did the application have on the community?

So far Gig Pic has had a great impact and is continuing to grow every day. We initially started speaking to artists, bands and DJ’s about their thoughts on the app and we had nothing but positive comments and thoughts. It was featured in the ‘Best New Apps’ and ‘Best Photo Apps’ on iTunes in 2015 which was really exciting and every time you go on the app you can see more uploads from all over the world.

Did the app got noticed by the artists or music festivals?

Initially, we spent a lot of our time showcasing the app to artists, music festivals and venues to try and show what the app can do for them. It was hard at first, but once a few artists were using the app it just started to grow and we now have some really well-established acts including the likes of UK chart-toppers BLONDE. We now work alongside a lot of music festivals to promote their events across our network and app.

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What channels do you use to promote your app and what type of promotion do you find most successful?

For us our most successful way of promoting the app is out and about at events, meeting artists and festival goers and showing them what the app is really about.

The other way we promote the app is via social media – mainly Twitter as its the easiest way to interact with people.

How easy was to make the app using Shoutem?

Really easy and simple for people that have little or no experience developing apps. Great support team as well who are always happy to help.

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What advice would you give to people who are planning to make an app?

My advice would be to understand exactly who it is you’re hoping to target and what would make your app different. I’d also encourage people to keep apps free initially (depending on the product) as it allows you to develop a strong user base who might be put off by an app with a small fee. If you’re not necessarily providing a paid service you could keep your app free and also make your app user-friendly.

If you don’t like the look yourself the chances are your users won’t either. Keep it simple and clean! 🙂

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