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No matter if you are a pro player or just a golf fan, Golf News Net app wants to be your first source of latest golf news and videos.

What is the main purpose of the Golf News Net app and who is it for?

The GNN app is designed for all golf fans, allowing them to keep in touch with the latest happenings in the game they love, ranging from the professional rankings to what impacts their weekend games.

Which features in the app will benefit users the most? Please, explain how.

GNN app users will benefit most from experiencing all of our content in a single place, aggregating what we share from third-party and social-media services, including our video, on-demand and live audio content.

Golf News Net app created with Shoutem

What kind of an impact has the app had on the golf community?

The app has been a great way for our growing audience to connect with us more easily, including listening to our on-demand and live audio, watching our burgeoning video library and reading our written content in a quick, easy-to-consume fashion.

How do you promote your app in the golf community?

We are promoting the app on our website and through our social channels for now, via Facebook and Twitter.

Golf News Net app made with Shoutem

What was the greatest challenge in the app creation process and how did you solve it?

The app creation process was relatively straightforward. The primary issue for us – and we’re still working on it – is making the best integration possible with our WordPress CMS and letting our readers search through our archived written content.

Why did you decide to use the Shoutem app builder?

Shoutem is a cost-effective tool for us. We were able to build and will be able to maintain our app on the platform without having to hire developers, who would charge us substantially more money for the feature set we have with Shoutem. We’re a very small team at GNN, so being efficient is an absolute must for us, even as our audience grows.

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