Introducing Enriched App Statistics

“Statistics are like bikinis. What they reveal is suggestive, but what they conceal is vital.”, once said Aaron Levenstein. We are proud to introduce a powerful improvement on Shoutem app builder platform: Enriched App Statistics.

We introduced the App Statistics module last year in May and users loved it! Finally, app owners were able to track statistics for both, Single-Card and Multi-Card Loyalty programs. User data provided by App Statistic can be a powerful tool for understanding the user behavior, learn more about your customers and boost user engagement if interpreted correctly.

Until now, app owners were able to keep the track of following data in specific modules:

Shoutem_app_builder_enriched_app_statistics_old features2

From now on, you will be able to monitor even more metrics in the App tab –  it will improve your understanding of users’ behavior and help to improve your app. You will be able to track the following metrics:


To access new data, just click on the first icon, Statistics, on the left menu. Your statistics will become available once your app is published in the App Store and Google Play. If your app is already live, make sure that it is republished – click on the Re-publish button to activate your app tracker you will find the Re-publish button in the upper right corner of your app builder).

Shoutem_app_builder_enriched_app_statistics_app not published


Once your app is live in stores, you can follow the impact of your app in the first few days through the number of app downloads. The Downloads section will provide you the number of downloads on both platforms, together with the pie chart and percentage of installs for a specific platform.



To understand the sessions tab, first, we need to define what the session is. A session is a sequence of interactions of one user, that hasn’t been interrupted for more than 30 minutes. Once the app is opened on the user’s device, the session starts, and as long as the user is active in the app, it will last. When the app user is inactive for 30 minutes, the session will end automatically.

Example: a user, let’s call him Joe, opens the app to browse the Social Wall before his meeting starts in the conference room. During the meeting, he leaves his phone on his desk. He’s back by his phone after more than 30 minutes and opens the app again to check new updates. Since his first session has ended after 30 minutes, while he was still in the meeting, opening the app again, will start the new session.

However, in some cases, sessions can last for a whole day. For example, the user is posting a status update in the app, puts his phone away for 15 minutes. Then he opens the app, browses through the content, becomes inactive for 29 minutes, and opens the app again. In this case, the session will not be interrupted – the old session will still be active, and the new session will not start.


Active users

Active users metric will display the number of unique users with at least one session in the selected active date range. You can select from different date ranges: today, last week, last 30 days, etc. If the number of active users is high, it means that users love your app and its content, but if the number of users is decreasing for a long time, you should probably improve your app or try to get feedback from the users to reduce the bounce rate.

Shoutem_app_builder_enriched_app_statistics_Active users


This metric will show you the number of page views by day. The chart will display a total number of page views on a specific day, while the table below will display the Top 10 most visited pages in your app in the selected date range. With Top 10 pages, you know which parts of your app are the most popular and where users spend most of their time.

Shoutem_app_builder_enriched_app_statistics_Page views

Try our new App Statistics feature and tell us what you think!

P.S. This is just the beginning, a lot of new improvements will be rolled out soon, so stay tuned.