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Mobilizer for Android is here!

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Very exciting news from Shoutem!

Now that you’ve created your app to improve your services and to keep up with the times, of course you’ll want to test it before publishing. And not just in the preview of the Shoutem builder, but actually on your phone.

So far, that’s only been possible with the iPhone – using our Mobilizer app, which gives you the exact look and feel of your app before it’s even published. The general rule is: check out your app in the Mobilizer, fix it in the builder.

But now we have some great news.

Its been long-awaited and is designed based on your feedback, but finally the Shoutem Mobilizer for Android is here. You can use it to check how apps made with the Shoutem builder will really look on your Android device. Download the Mobilizer from Google play and log in with your Shoutem credentials. In this app, you can preview any changes made in the app builder.

With Mobilizer for Android it is easier than ever to fine tune your app to get it perfect before publishing!

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