Top 5: How to write a good App Store description

app store description

Getting through to users with your app these days can be quite a challenge – about a million other people are trying to do the same thing at the same time – so every step counts. Wherever you can make that final push during promotion, do it! The place where a lot of your potential users are first going to come into contact with you is either Google or Apple Store. The key word here is first; you should see your first encounter with them as a first date where you want to show off your best qualities.

1. The first sentence

What a headline is to a newspaper or blog, that’s what your first sentence is to your app description. It’s there to pull you in, make you bite the hook, and finally get you to actually download the app. Take a look at what they came up with for one of the most popular mobile games in the world, Angry Birds: „The survival of the Angry Birds is at stake.“ It’s like a spine-tingling start of a thriller you now desperately want to see.

2. Successes

If possible, make sure to highlight the successes your app’s achieved so far: if it got four stars on an app review site, or if it was the most downloaded app of the day in a certain category or on a certain site, emphasize that. Think about it as movie trailer: a lot of them list the prizes they’ve won right at the beginning in order to grab our attention.

3. Testimonials

These days what usually makes us download stuff are other people’s tips; a lot of industries are run according to a recommendation system, just look at Amazon bookstore. As we’ve said before in our text Top 8 Ways to Promote Your App, ratings are crucial; so whenever you get the chance, ask your users to rate the app. You should also ask them to share their positive comments in the app description.

4. Summarize

Use bullet points to sum up the vital features of your app, that is, to show the value for consumers in downloading it. Make your own top five reasons to download listing the main features within the description. A lot of your potential users will only read this, so it’s important that you spotlight what’s best about the app.

5. Call to action

Leave your best (or at least second best) sentence for the end. It should be a call to action, a kiss at the end of the date!

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