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If you enjoy listening music old school way, on vinyl, The Vinyl District is the perfect app for you. Join the community of vinyl-lovers, keep up with TVD blog and discover new record stores.

What is the main purpose of The Vinyl District app and who is it for?

The main purpose is to promote record and music store culture to people who are interested in record store culture and buying records. The app helps them find record stores and communicate with other like-minded people. It also helps store owners to find new, connect with current and nurture loyal customers.

Why did you create a mobile app?

My first thought was that it was something I personally would like, and no one else had done it yet.

How was the app received in the community of vinyl-lovers?

Very well! We were first on the market with this sort of mobile app, and the response was immediate and enthusiastic.

The Vinyl District app

What was the greatest challenge in the app creation process and how did you solve it?

Our greatest challenge was, and remains, monetizing our efforts. We still have not come up with a satisfactory way to monetize from it other than using Google ads, but we’re working hard and constantly finding new ways to monetize the app.

How hard was it to onboard the record stores listed in the app?

Not hard at all. Most record stores are happy to be a part of the community, and to get some free advertising to a highly targeted demographic.

Which feature in the app benefits your users most? Please, explain how.

I wouldn’t say there’s a single special feature that brings the most value to our users – I think it’s the overall app that’s appealing. The feedback we hear from our users is that our content (vinyl store locations, social module, etc.), which we keep as up-to-date as possible, is the most valuable to them. That, and being the first and best at what we do. 🙂

using The Vinyl District app

How easy was making the app using Shoutem?

Very easy! We were a fairly early user for Shoutem, and they made things extremely simple. The customer service response time has always been excellent, too.

How do you promote your app?

We promote our app through the word of mouth and social media. These channels proved themselves as the most effective ones. You can download The Vinyl District app on the App Store or Google Play and engage with the community of vinyl-lovers on their Facebook page or Twitter.

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