Handling external identities


Hello everyone! I just want to inform you about small, but very important change in the way we handle external identities. Until now, all external identities (Twitter, Facebook) were “attached” to ShoutemID in the way that, for example, only one TwitterID could be connected to one ShoutemID. What was the problem with that approach? For example, there are users who have more that one Twitter account, and are members of multiple Shoutem networks. Some of them would like to use one Twitter account on one Shoutem network, and other Twitter account on all other Shoutem networks. We had a user from Germany who has two Twitter accounts (one for his English followers and one for his German followers), and was creator of two Shoutem networks (one in English language and one in German). He could use only one Twitter account for both networks, and that was a huge problem for him.

Now, on every Shoutem network you can use any Twitter or Facebook account that you have. External IDs are no longer connected to a ShoutemID globally; those IDs are connected to a user on a certain Shoutem network.

What do you think about this approach? Do you find it useful? Please write your thoughts in a comments.

Ilija Brajkovic