Summer Essentials: Suncream, Sunglasses and Mobile Apps

Every year as summer approaches you’ll be advised on what to wear to enjoy the good weather safely, but what about the inevitable decline in traffic to your website?

Because as much as we all love the internet, almost all websites and digital businesses see a decline in their internet traffic when nice weather encourages people to get outside. Even laptops and netbooks are generally a bit of a hassle to use when you’re enoying the sunshine, but given the huge rise in smartphone ownership over the last 24 months, there’s suddenly a great solution.

Beach walk

Wherever you are, the odds are that you now have a smartphone in your pocket, whether it’s an iPhone or Android device. And a huge number of your audience and customers have invested in the same way, which means you can potentially get traffic and business from them even while they’re sipping cocktails and relaxing on the beach.

But given that we’re already in the month of May, you might be thinking that you’ve already missed out on your chance to keep connected while your customers and readers are sunning themselves… That’s not the case – ShoutEm is built around providing applications which are simple to set-up, cost-effective to create, and importantly in this case, quick to launch.

So why wait? You can try our simple Mobile App Maker for free right now, and have your app ready to go even if you’re heading on holiday in hours. You’ll be able to test in on your phone straight away, and you could launch it when you get back to work from as little as $29.90 per month (for 12 months). Which is a pretty small price to pay – especially when you’re able to keep connected with potential customers and readers when they’re already in a good mood and enjoying themselves!