Meet ShoutEm team: Mladen Ruzic

Meet ShoutEm team: Mladen Ruzic
Our ShoutEm team is built of a very unique set of individuals with different skill sets and diverse life stories. They ‘re all hardworking, creative and smart people who contribute to overall teamwork around our self-service platform for app building. In each of the upcoming weeks, we are going to feature one member of the ShoutEm team. Meet Mladen, our Application developer.

Name: Mladen Ruzic, Application developer
Hometown: Bakarac, Croatia

Mladen, would you like to say few words about yourself? What are your master skills?

I was born in Rijeka, a city located in Kvarner Bay in Croatia, but I grew up in Bakarac, a small town near Rijeka. Even as far back as elementary school, I had already developed an interest in programming. My first blocks of code were written in high school, where I finished a C++ course. I continued to sharpen my programming skills in PHP and C# as freelancer during my college days. After graduating from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing at the University of Zagreb, I received my first full-time job, where I spent the majority of my working hours on web app development and began mastering skills in HTML, JS, CSS, and C# for backend.

How did you become interested in development? Who influenced your decision and your work?

I became interested in development in 7th grade when we began learning BASIC. This really piqued my interest, and I spent most of that summer looking for various code samples. By the end of the summer, I finished developing my first tic-tac-toe and maze game. My teacher in elementary school, Barbara Smilovic, was the major influence who got me to where I am today.

What does the development process usually look like?

The development process usually starts with the feature request. Then, wireframes are made, followed by a design from our designer. After that I code in Visual Studio and deploy it to our test server. At this point, I have a few joyful days of bug fixing and testing. After we deploy updates to our users and receive some feedback from them, I go back to wireframes to repeat the entire cycle. Integrating customer feedback is an extremely important part of the development process.

Could you give us a list of tools, with a short description of each, that you use in your everyday activities?

The most important tool I use is Visual Studio. This is where all the magic of programing written in C#, JavaScript and CSS happens.  Notepad++ is active every day in my taskbar.  I use it for the stuff I don’t find quite useful to do in Visual Studio, such as simple file editing, regex search/replace, etc. Paint.NET is a tool that I use when I need to do some minor design changes. Our designer does great work so this happens very rarely. From that point, these tools are more than enough for my needs.

Tell us about some helpful sources that you use to stay up-to-date with constantly changing ICT industry.

I mostly stick to these blogs:

  1. Scott Hanselman (
  2. Scott Guthrie (
  3. Jeff Atwood (

When I’m stuck with something, the first place I look for an answer is Stack Overflow (

What does your ideal working environment look like?

These are some of the requirements:

  1. A big, open office with plenty of light. I could not imagine myself working in one of those cubicles. I don’t mind the noise.
  2. Two monitors (at least 22”), a keyboard, and mouse of my choice.
  3. A high-quality ergonomic chair is a must.
  4. A parking space for my bike (in the office so that I can keep my eye on it).
  5. A fully equipped kitchen next door and a gym on the floor below equipped with standard stuff + gymnastic rings and spinning bikes—you said ideal working environment.

Meet ShoutEm team: Mladen Ruzic

What are your hobbies?

I cycle and go a gym on a regular basis. Additionally, I would like to have enough free time to focus on important things, like family and friends. The last thing I want is to be a slave of work. Maintaining a work-life balance is really important for me.

Meet ShoutEm team: Mladen Ruzic


Could you give your professional advice on what it takes to become an awesome developer?

The recipe is easy:

  1. First, you have to want to become a great developer.
  2. Then, you become a developer (read books, read blogs, develop stuff).
  3. Then, you realize that you are not a very good developer.
  4. Then, you read more, develop more, refactor more…
  5. You still think that you’re not a very good developer.
  6. You read more, develop more….

And don’t forget to enjoy your free time or you’ll end up hating everything!

Marija Matesic