Shoutem Loyalty Program FAQ

Shoutem loyalty program is well-executed and highly robust loyalty module can work for almost any type of business. It is 100% branded, unlike others, and gives small and medium businesses (SMBs) full control of their loyalty program. There is no need for your customers to carry around loyalty cards that are brand-specific, or cash for that matter. Everything is in their smartphones.

Multi-card loyalty is the next step from single-card loyalty – instead of one loyalty program, you can have as many as you want – in a single app! You can set up custom loyalty programs for each location with it’s own rules for rewarding. Imagine, you alone can build loyalty program for chains, franchises, shopping malls, business district, neighbourhood or even town.

We’ve collected five most frequently asked questions about our loyalty module and answered them here.

What is the main difference between single card and multi card loyalty program?

In a single card program, all points are collected to one ‘card’, no matter whether they’re collected from one or more places.
In multi card, as the name says, you can have several completely separate cards, each connected to a certain location, and each one with it’s own points, rules and rewards.

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I have a small business with several stores, can I handle it with a single card loyalty?

Yes, this can be handled via single-card loyalty program. However, in this case, all of the stores would be using the same, unique interface to collect points or spend them on rewards.
This means that the loyalty program would be unified and not relevant to the specific stores or stores locations.
If you wish your points to be separated for each place, simply use multi-card loyalty program.

I am running an online agency which covers loyalty programs for different stores in area. What is the perfect setup for me?

Perfect setup for different stores would be our multi-card loyalty program. That way you can have separate loyalty program for each store (place) with it’s own rules for collecting points and rewarding. It’s like having several single card loyalty programs in one app.

I want purchases in my loyalty program to be somehow confirmed. Is this possible?

Yes. There is a setting that requires the cashier to enter his PIN in order for user to collect points. Each cashier has his own PIN, and in multi card program, you can set that option for each place individually.

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Each cashier has his own PIN, and in multi card program, you can set that option for each place individually.

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I want to make the best use of social media with my loyalty program. What do I need to do?

You can reward your customers for attaching the photo and sharing to Facebook and Twitter. These can be set within the loyalty module for each place separately.

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For more FAQs, check this article, and for detailed tutorials on how to set up your single or multi-card loyalty program, watch these videos: