5 business benefits of mobile loyalty program

Building a business is not an easy task, but building a successful business is even harder. The essence of successful businesses are customers, who expect to experience outstanding customer care along with amazing product or service. Loyalty programs encourage customers to connect with your brand and recognize the values of your company, and they offer

How to build an app community?

Building a brand-new audience from scratch takes time and hard work, but it’s worth it. The community you grow will be the source of your very first (and probably most supportive) group of app evangelists. The same group of users will spread the word of your business and therefore additionally boost your brand awareness, which

How to write an app update description?

App updates are great for both app users and apps – updates mean that developers are always working on improving the app, keeping in mind better customer experience with each update.

5 Tips on Creating Push Notifications

We’ve learned that push notifications can be the ultimate user engagement tool. According to multiple sources, 97% of push notifications are read, as opposed to 3-4% for email-based campaigns. Push notifications allow app owners to reach their users outside the app ecosystem, having a positive effect on brand awareness and increasing future app open rates.

Learn how to acquire and retain app users

Are you thinking about creating a new mobile app for your business? Or maybe you already have an app published but it’s missing user traction? User acquisition and retention are the two most important business aspects of publishing an app after the development is done. Even during the development phase, a successful app owner keeps

5 mobile advertising facts

Ignoring the shift from computers to mobile devices greatly affects your business. Use mobile advertising to diversify revenue streams through your Shoutem app via our in-app advertisement integration with MoPub, DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) and Flurry; and here’s why you should do it.

Build location based app in five minutes – without coding

This is something like #throwbackmonday – three years ago, we made an article How to build location based app in five minutes, with no coding, and you people just loved it. Of course, in three years we made a lots of changes, so we’re going to do a little remake of the old article regarding

7 Questions You Need Answered Before You Create an App

This is it, you”ve finally realized you need a mobile app to improve your services and keep up with the times. Shoutem is here to help and deliver the best solution. However, the job is not nearly done yet. Before we start creating the app, you need to be able to answer seven key questions